Hurricane Who

Oct 30 - Nov 1 2009

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Sunday, 2009-11-01
Convention Schedule
(subject to change)

AM: 11
PM: 12 1 2 3 4 5 6

* 9:00am to 6:00pm Registration
* 10:00am to 7:00pm Dealer’s Room Open

Location Abbreviations-
MP - Main Programming
FAN - Fan Panel Room
AG - Autograph Room

* 11:00 am
Vogon Prose (FAN) – A Reading of some of the worst fan fics available. All are welcomed to bring and share. Read more about Vogon Prose>>

* 12:00pm
Writers Roundtable (MP) – Our writers take to the stage to tell us of their future projects. Rob Shearman, Tony Lee, Nigel Fairs, Tammy Garrison, Simon Guerrier
Farewell Mr. Tennant (FAN) – A look back at the Era of the Tenth Doctor. What has he brought to the show, and what does he leave for the future? Barnaby Edwards, Tara O’Shea
Photo Ops (AG) - Gareth David-Lloyd

* 1:00pm
An Hour with Gareth David-Lloyd (MP)– The actor behind Torchwood’s Ianto Jones takes to the stage for a Question and Answer.
Obsession (FAN) – We look at the obsession that fans have with the things they enjoy. Where does it come from, and how much is too much?? Dr. Daniel Patz, Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, Bob Yazel
Photo Ops (AG) - Louise Jameson

* 2:00pm
An Hour with Louise Jameson (MP) – We spend time in the presence of Ms. Jameson one last time.
Stargate: Universe (FAN) – The crew of the Destiny have launched on the SyFy channel. What do we think of the series so far?? Jarrod Cooper, Tammy Garrison, Teri Sears

* 3:00pm
Big Finish Looking Forward (MP) – The Team behind the Doctor Who audio dramas look to the future and upcoming releases. Jason Haigh-Ellery, Simon Guerrier
An Hour with Colin Spaull (FAN) – Classic and New Series Guest Actor Colin Spaull answers your questions one last time.
Autographs (AG) – Gareth David-Lloyd, Toby Hadoke, Rob Shearman, Tony Lee

* 4:00pm
Restoring the Classics (MP) – Our look back at the efforts of the Restoration Team on the Classic Series Releases. Steve Roberts, Toby Hadoke
Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Meet and Greet (FAN) – Meet the crew behind the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise and learn about their past and future voyages. Dan Harris
Autographs (AG) - Louise Jameson, Nigel Fairs, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Simon Guerrier

* 5:00pm
Audio Commentary – “Torchwood: Children of Earth” (MP) – Day Four Live Audio Commentary on this emotional episode of Torchwood with Gareth David-Lloyd and Jarrod Cooper.
Douglas Adams Retrospective (FAN) – Look back at the life and career of one of the Legends of British Science Fiction. Charles Martin

* 6:00pm
Closing Ceremonies (MP) – The time has come to say goodbye to all of our friends, and to find out when we will meet again….
Keep Checking back for Schedule updates as they become available.

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